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Cadillac Plastic leads the way in bringing you the widest range of high performance plastic films and filmic adhesives from a single source.

Our specialist knowledge – gained from over 35 years representing the leading manufacturers of these products – ensures that we are able to provide the most technologically advanced and appropriate solution to your needs.

The products we hold, however, are only the first step. Cadillac Plastic’s philosophy is to add value to these materials by providing conversion, delivery and technical support services which are second to none.

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Cadillac Plastic: An Integral Partner to the UK Medical Industry

Cadillac Plastic has rapidly become an integral partner in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus crisis. A number of our key customers are striving to keep up with demand for protective equipment for key workers across the UK. We are supporting them in supplying high-performance materials used in the production of protective visors and masks, ...continue reading "Cadillac Plastic: An Integral Partner to the UK Medical Industry"


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