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Cadillac Plastic: An Integral Partner to the UK Medical Industry

Cadillac Plastic has rapidly become an integral partner in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

A number of our key customers are striving to keep up with demand for protective equipment for key workers across the UK.

We are supporting them in supplying high-performance materials used in the production of protective visors and masks, as well as for labelling key equipment such as ventilators.

Materials including Melinex 505 and Lexan 8010MC provide benefits including flexibility, durability and clarity - vital in the production of protective equipment such as visors and masks in particular.

Whilst, Lexan Polycarbonate films including FR65, 8B35 and 8010MC, and Reflex provide temperature resistance, good printability and ease of processing for forming and bending, all useful in the production of labelling for equipment that needs to be durable.

Protective Visors and Masks:

Two key products supplied by Cadillac Plastic are being used in the production of protective visors and masks:

- Melinex 505 Film

- Lexan 8010 MC Film

Equipment Labelling:

Some of the key products currently in demand for key equipment labelling include:

- Lexan FR65 Film

- Lexan 8B35 Film

- Lexan 8010MC Film

- Reflex Anti-Microbial Polyester

Cadilliac Plastic is proud to be playing a part in supporting customers as they provide key equipment to the UK medical sector.

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