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Shelsley Walsh Event – Members Day

On the 24th September the 3rd and final event of our planned customer events took place at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. This was the long awaited Members Day event.

What is a Members Day

The Members’ Day is a great opportunity to experience the hill in a relaxed, controlled and fun atmosphere. Guests are invited to drive their own cars, up the famous Shelsley Walsh track, during a day of non-competitive runs. Any road-legal cars are able to participate, including kit cars and classic sports cars as well as everyday standard saloons.

Who attended with Cadillac

Cadillac General Manager, Simon Jones, took to the hill in his track ready MX5 Turbo. Tony and Liz Burd (RH Technical) brought along a very nice example of a 1975 Dolomite Sprint. Tony has lovingly restored this car over many years and relished the opportunity to blast it up the hill. 

John and Louise Wills (Will Prints) treated us to a 1933 Morgan 3 wheeler. John was able to get the Morgan to lift a wheel on the corners during his runs. However, he usually rides motorbikes and feels more comfortable on 2 wheels than 3.

Other attendees on the day included Alistair Kennedy (Cadillac Director) in his Maserati, and Sam Gothorp (Preservation Equipment) who had intended to bring along his Mercedes AMG. Unfortunately last minute issues prevented it from being available, and so he attended as a passenger.

Also attending as a passenger for the day was motor sport fan James Wright representing 3M, a supplier of adhesive products to Cadillac Plastic.

Some Images from the Event

Each driver had 6 runs on the hill throughout the day and while none of the runs was timed, video suggested the Morgan managed a run of around 58 seconds. John was thrilled to break the 60 second barrier in the oldest car at the event.

You can see the video here - John Wills at Shelsley Walsh, and many thanks to John for uploading it.

There is also a video of Simon in the MX5 completing a run in around 38 seconds.

One again it was great to see customers and friends out at an event with us, and we look forward to future events.

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