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Cadillac Challenge: Find The Oldest Membrane Switch Panel

Simon Jones, General Manager at Cadillac Plastic, told an interesting story the other day.  He and his wife were given a microwave as an engagement gift way back in 1986.  This particular model had a ‘state of the art’ LED display and membrane switch panel!

For the past 36 years the microwave has been used daily, from warming up baby food for little ones, until today, where it is used to cook porridge for breakfast every morning.

Some parts are looking aged and a little bit worn, but the white membrane switch panel is still pristine, just as it was when it was pulled out of the box decades ago.   

This got us thinking: Does anyone know of a membrane switch panel that is older, in daily use and still as good as new?  Who can claim the oldest switch panel? 

Let us know, we look forward to hearing from you!

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