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Cadillac Plastic: Important Product News

Staufen Mark-Resist PVC Product Change

Liveo, manufacturers of Staufen rigid PVC, advised us that they would be rationalising some product lines to improve efficiencies and contain costs. 

Staufen MR grades of rigid PVC have changed from a Velvet/Matt to a Velvet/Gloss finish, which is the product supplied across European markets.  Whilst the surface finish of the velvet side is similar to before, the gloss reverse side does change the appearance of the product when reverse printed, especially with blacks and darker colours.  The new product is generally less hazy with colours appearing more vibrant, and blacks are improved.  The 'new' product is easily identified with a gloss reverse (print) surface – as seen below.

'Old' vs 'New'

Stocks of the 'old' product have been exhausted, and we are supplying the new version going forward.  The transition process has been lengthy, with letters and samples being sent out for testing of the new Staufen Mark-Resist PVC.

Whilst many customers have been able to switch to the new variant, the change in printed appearance has not been acceptable for all applications. In these cases, Cadillac Plastic recommends Cadco Velvet/Matt Polycarbonate film as an alternative.

'Old' vs Alternative

Cadco Velvet/Matt Polycarbonate film offers a number of advantages over rigid PVC, including superior cosmetic appearance and consistency, better handling and physical properties, and a greener environmental profile. The price difference between rigid PVC and Cadco Polycarbonate has narrowed over the past couple of years, so it is definitely worth exploring as an option.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who would be happy to help you.

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