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Cadillac Plastic Featured Product: 3M 467MC & 468MC

Why choose us?                       

Cadillac Plastic has been working closely with 3M for many years and we are proud to be recognised as a preferred 3M convertor and distributor. Cadillac Plastic has over four decades of experience in the adhesive and plastic film industry, making us an authority in the field. We convert custom size sheets and rolls at no additional cost and have a growing number of loyal, satisfied customers. 

Why choose 3M 467MC & 468MC?

3M™ 467MC and 468MC both feature a 200MP laminating adhesive on a specially engineered 3M liner, which creates micro-channels in the adhesive surface. The crosshatched pattern creates a continuous and permanent network of micro-channels in the back side of the adhesive, allowing air to escape from between the adhesive surface and the substrate. This helps to facilitate bubble free laminations of graphics to substrates. 

3M™ Adhesive 200MP is a popular choice for graphic attachment and nameplate applications because it has excellent quality, consistency and durability. 

Product Features

· Clarity (virtually free of vapor inclusions that are commonly found in adhesives produced by the traditional solvent coating technique).

· Excellent high temperature performance as well as excellent shear strength (that minimizes edge lifting and slippage of parts).

· Excellent resistance to harsh environments; this adhesive can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases, and salt water, cleaning solutions, germicides, disinfectants, oils, etc. In addition, it performs well after exposure to humidity and hot/cold cycles.

· Provides some initial repositionability when bonding to plastic parts (not metal) which allows graphic parts to be lifted and repositioned if initial alignment is incorrect.

· Adhesive family is provided with a polyester and PCK liner configurations to help ensure excellent process flexibility.

Data sheets are available on the website or can be sent out on request.  Visit to view the whole 3M range that we stock. To place an order or to request a sample email or click here.  To speak to a member of our experienced team call 01793 648500.

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