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Cadillac Plastic Featured Product: Autostat

Cadillac Plastic Ltd Featured Product: Autostat® 

Why choose us?    

Cadillac Plastic has recently been appointed the exclusive convertors and distributors of MacDermid Alpha Autotype products in the UK and Ireland. Cadillac Plastic has over four decades of experience in the plastic industry making us an authority in the field. We convert custom size sheets and rolls at no additional cost and have a growing number of loyal, satisfied customers.  

Why choose Autostat®?

Autostat films are ideally suited for touch switches, keypads, diagnostic test strips, sensors and other electronic circuitry applications. Autostat films are designed with high dimensional stability due to the MacDermid Autotype heat stabilisation process. This allows curing of conductive inks at high temperatures with minimal effect on the registration or the lay-flat characteristics of the film. The dimensional stability of the Autostat films ensures that tight registration tolerances can be achieved during multiple printing operations. 

Planarised functional layers also provide a smooth surface for thin vapour deposition of conductive coatings requiring very low resistance.  Autostat is heat stabilised and receptive to a wide variety of printed electronic and graphic inks. There is a range of optical characteristics and clarity, and white films to meet the critical requirements for medical applications. 

Product Range: 

Autostat CT3, CT4, CT5, CT7 Clear, adhesion treated, 75, 100, 125 micron 

Autostat WT3, WT5 Opaque white satin finish, adhesion treated, 75, 125 micron 

Data sheets are available on the website or can be sent out on request.  Visit to view the whole MacDermid Alpha (Autotype) range that we stock. To place an order or to request a sample, email or click here.  To speak to a member of our experienced team call 01793 648500.

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