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Featured Product: Nitto D9605

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D9605 is one of the most popular double sided tapes in this Nitto range. It is a high-tack, clear double sided tape with a polyester carrier. Its modified acrylic adhesive ensures suitability for a host of bonding applications.

It is a double-coated tape with a high modified acrylic adhesive ensuring a good adhesion on different substrates such as plastics, even those with low surface energy. D9605 is well suited for bonding to rough surfaces.

Typical applications for this double sided tape are mounting signs and nameplates, point of sale applications and mounting furniture trims. This tape can also be used in the banner manufacturing trade for banner hemming applications. D9605 is one of the thickest polyester tapes available. The polyester carrier provides a more stable and rigid tape, resulting in a reduced elongation and shrinkage. 

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