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Congratulations To Our Sales Team Leader

Liz has completed 100 marathons!

We have been proudly supporting Liz over the years as she has completed marathon after marathon. This weekend (15/06/2024), she reached a huge milestone - her 100th marathon. Everyone at Cadillac Plastic celebrates with Liz and we offer our congratulations for this great achievement. Many of our customers who speak to Liz follow her progress in the running world with interest.

Here is a quote from Liz about her running journey and her accomplishment:

"Running 100 marathons was never my life goal, it just kind of evolved! My first marathon was in 2005, after which I vowed never again. In 2008 I was persuaded by a colleague at Cadillac Plastic that Rome Marathon might be ‘fun’, however afterwards I was still less than impressed with marathon running! In 2010 I joined a local running club and ended up running 2 marathons that year, it then just escalated!

Giants Head Marathon has always been my favourite off-road race, as it’s not just about the run it’s about the weekend as there’s camping, food provided by the WI and barn dancing, so when 100 became a reality this became my target for my 100th. Giants Head Marathon did not disappoint; it was an epic weekend with so many emotions with the best of friends; I loved every minute!

My 100 marathons were made up of 42 road marathons, 42 trail marathons and 16 ultra races (anything longer than 26.2 miles!). For those of you wondering I’m not targeting 200 marathons!"

So congratulations once again to Liz for this massive accomplishment, you are a star.

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