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Educate the future generation on plastics:

What More UK (Wham) visited Peel Park primary school to educate and engage the children around plastics..... ...continue reading "Educate the future generation on plastics"

BBC to launch multi-platform initiative to help reduce plastic pollution:

The BBC is to launch a major initiative that it hopes will “positively enable” the British public to reduce plastic pollution..... ...continue reading "BBC to launch multi-platform"

Enhance its growing recycling business:

In a move to enhance its growing recycling business and deal with the increase in plastic waste since China's scrap ban, Beauparc Utilities, Irish owner of Panda and Greenstar, announced that will invest €15 million (£13 million) to build a new plastics recycling facility in the UK.... ...continue reading "Panda Recycling to build £13m PCR plant in UK"

The European Commission has launched its strategy on plastics:

Setting out an agenda to make all packaging recyclable by 2030, reduce ‘single-use plastics’ and ban microplastics... ...continue reading "European plastics industry faces fundamental changes after EU ‘strategy on plastics’ release"

Reaching a new high in PVC recycling:

With initiatives commended by leaders from business and Government and patent applications showcasing new heights of innovation, PVC proved itself... ...continue reading "PVC 2017: “No longer the black sheep of the plastics family”"


Full implementation of the new Sabic global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system began in October 2016.

...continue reading "Cadillac Plastic Tackles Lexan Supply Problem"