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MacDermid Alpha Autotex Film Range

The below high specification Polyester films are available in a range of hardcoated surface finishes, for enhanced touch, useability and durability. 

If you cannot see the product you are looking for, give us a call, we may be able to help. 

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MacDermid Alpha Autotex Film Product Range:

Autotex - Polyester films with a textured hardcoat, in a range of surface finishes for enhanced touch in all HMI applications

Autotex Anti-microbial - Polyester films with with antimicrobial technology, to help fight stains and inhibit bacterial growth

Autotex Steel - low gloss textured surface Polyester film that, when suitably second surface printed, presents the appearance of steel or wood

Autotex Touch - Hardcoated Polyester film with a unique, smooth, easy glide, anti-fingerprint surface

Autotex Soft Touch - A unique soft-to-touch hardcoated polyester film designed for applications where a high-quality tactile experience is required

Autotex XE - Hardcoated Polyester film for outdoor applications, highly resistant to UV, moisture, and temperature variations

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