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Made to Measure Plastic Film

Did you know that every plastic film and adhesive product supplied by Cadillac Plastic is available in custom size sheets or rolls to suit every job? What's more, we don't charge any extra for this. Not one penny. In fact it can easily save you money.

Cadillac supply custom sheet sizes, made to measure, free of charge!

How can we do this without charging?
Well, we buy product in large master rolls and convert to usable size sheets or rolls. It's just as easy to cut to your own specification as it is to cut to our standard sizes, so we don't have to charge extra.

No minimum quantity, no need to purchase standard sizes.

So how can this save you money?
Imagine you are buying Lexan 8B35 175µ in 'standard' sheets of 610 x 915mm but cutting these to 300 x 435mm prior to printing. By purchasing the material in the print size you could reduce material cost by 5%, cut down on scrap, and completely do away with the guillotining operation prior to printing.

And it won't cost you anything, not one penny!

Want to start saving money? Call your regular sales contact or our Customer Care Team on 01793 648500, or email

perfect fit
Bespoke made to measure material for that tailored feel