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D9605 is one of the most popular double sided tapes in this Nitto range. It is a high-tack, clear double sided tape with a polyester carrier. Its modified acrylic adhesive ensures suitability for a host of bonding applications.

It is a double-coated tape with a high modified acrylic adhesive ensuring a good adhesion on different substrates such as plastics, even those with low surface energy. D9605 is well suited for bonding to rough surfaces.

Typical applications for this double sided tape are mounting signs and nameplates, point of sale applications and mounting furniture trims. This tape can also be used in the banner manufacturing trade for banner hemming applications. D9605 is one of the thickest polyester tapes available. The polyester carrier provides a more stable and rigid tape, resulting in a reduced elongation and shrinkage. 

Call us to discuss your application, we are happy to help.

Why choose us?                                                   

Cadillac Plastic are specialist convertors and distributors of Sabic Lexan products and have worked closely with Sabic for many years.  Cadillac Plastic has over four decades of experience in the plastic industry making us an authority in the field.  We convert custom size sheets and rolls at no additional cost and have a growing number of loyal, satisfied customers. 

Why choose Lexan Hardcoated Polycarbonate Films?

The following LEXAN™ high performance coated films offer unique solutions for scratch resistance, weatherability, anti-glare and anti-fog applications. These films have excellent resistance to harsh cleaners, chemicals and UV, provide excellent clarity of graphics and light diffusion as well as ease of printing and die cutting.

Which Film to Choose?



Outdoor grade satin finish, hardcoated Polycarbonate film offering very good chemical/abrasion resistance, plus very good UV resistance.

Typical Applications

Outdoor graphic applications such as: Warning Labels, Outdoor Menu Boards, Gasoline Pumps, Outdoor Lenses, and Marine Graphics.



Outdoor grade anti-glare Polycarbonate film with high light transmission for clear and sharp graphics. Chemical and abrasion resistance with excellent UV resistance. 

Typical Applications

Outdoor graphic applications such as: Warning labels, Outdoor Menu Boards  and Gasoline Pumps Graphics.



Indoor grade Polycarbonate film with Flexible UV Processing, Durability of Coating and Texture Adhesion when exposed to strong household chemicals, and abrasion resistance.

Typical Applications

Membrane switch overlays, Labels for household appliances, In-Mold Decoration for interior automotive.

LEXAN™ HPFAF (one side coated)


Long-term anti-fog performance, abrasion resistance, formability, impact  resistance, dimensional stability, and good optical clarity with chemical resistance, and anti-static properties.

Typical Applications

Industrial visors and goggles, Sunglasses, Sports eyewear, Instrument lenses & display panels, Motorcycle visors, Mirrors, Windows, Face shields and wind shields, Appliance fascias, and Telecom lenses.

LEXAN™ HP92AF (two side coated)


2 side anti-fog coated for high humidity environments.  Anti-fog, combined with Abrasion resistance, Impact resistance, and good Optical clarity.

Typical Applications

Personnel Protective Equipment visors & face shields in high humidity environments, safety goggles, motorcycle visors, ski goggles, instrument lenses and  display panels.

Data sheets are available on the website or can be sent out on request.   Visit to view the whole Lexan range that we stock.  To place an order or to request a sample email                        or click here. To speak to a member of our experienced team call 01793 648500.

Why choose us?                       

Cadillac Plastic has been working closely with 3M for many years and we are proud to be a preferred 3M convertor and distributor.  Cadillac Plastic has over four decades of experience in the adhesive and plastic film industry, making us an authority in the field.  We convert custom size sheets and rolls at no additional cost and have a growing number of loyal, satisfied customers. 

Why choose 3M 7952MP, 7962MP, 7955MP, 7965MP?

These sheeted products are double linered versions of 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP on two polycoated kraft paper liners.   They are easy to handle for sheet to sheet laminating, ideal for die cutting and kiss cutting.   So if you are looking for an adhesive for die-cut parts, this may be the solution for you.

Data sheets are available on the website or can be sent out on request. Visit to view the whole 3M range that we stock. To place an order or to request a sample email or click here. To speak to a member of our experienced team call 01793 648500.

After careful planning and preparation, at the beginning of February, we finally moved over to our new Business System.  The new system runs all aspects of orders, manufacturing, and finance and we are confident that it will allow us to provide even better customer support moving forward.   We have gone fully digital, with paperless invoicing and statements and improved labelling and documentation.

The whole Cadillac Plastic team have worked hard to learn the new system alongside offering the usual high standard of customer support each day.

We would like to thank our customers for their support and understanding during the transition period, during which we managed to maintain our high levels of service. 

We are very pleased to have achieved a full re-certification of all three of our ISO Standards.

Congratulations to the whole team who continually work hard to ensure we maintain our ISO standards. We aim to continue providing high quality products and service for many years to come. Download our certificates here.

Cadillac Plastic is the exclusive distributor for MacDermid Alpha (previously Autotype) products. We now to offer range of printable lacquers from MacDermid Alpha. These products are easily screen printable, and are ideal for creating varying textures, scratch resistant windows and even selective protective masks.

Click on the images below to learn more about each product. Contact us for more information or to order yours.

On Saturday 12nd August 2023, Cadillac Plastic attended the British Championship Challenge round at the world famous Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Simon and Howard from Cadillac Plastic met up with our customers: Stuart, Daniel, Ian and Lewis.

The Championship Challenge was the last meeting of the year at  Shelsley Walsh for the top British Championship cars.  The racing drivers were competing for the fastest times this season, so the runs were very impressive to see. 

The weather was kind to us, and everyone enjoyed the company, racing and in general, had a wonderful day.

Pictures of the event are below.

Cadillac Plastic Ltd Featured Product: Autostat® 

Why choose us?    

Cadillac Plastic has recently been appointed the exclusive convertors and distributors of MacDermid Alpha Autotype products in the UK and Ireland. Cadillac Plastic has over four decades of experience in the plastic industry making us an authority in the field. We convert custom size sheets and rolls at no additional cost and have a growing number of loyal, satisfied customers.  

Why choose Autostat®?

Autostat films are ideally suited for touch switches, keypads, diagnostic test strips, sensors and other electronic circuitry applications. Autostat films are designed with high dimensional stability due to the MacDermid Autotype heat stabilisation process. This allows curing of conductive inks at high temperatures with minimal effect on the registration or the lay-flat characteristics of the film. The dimensional stability of the Autostat films ensures that tight registration tolerances can be achieved during multiple printing operations. 

Planarised functional layers also provide a smooth surface for thin vapour deposition of conductive coatings requiring very low resistance.  Autostat is heat stabilised and receptive to a wide variety of printed electronic and graphic inks. There is a range of optical characteristics and clarity, and white films to meet the critical requirements for medical applications. 

Product Range: 

Autostat CT3, CT4, CT5, CT7 Clear, adhesion treated, 75, 100, 125 micron 

Autostat WT3, WT5 Opaque white satin finish, adhesion treated, 75, 125 micron 

Data sheets are available on the website or can be sent out on request.  Visit to view the whole MacDermid Alpha (Autotype) range that we stock. To place an order or to request a sample, email or click here.  To speak to a member of our experienced team call 01793 648500.

On Saturday 22nd July 2023, Cadillac Plastic attended the Classic Nostalgia event at the world famous Hill Climb race event at Shelsley Walsh. 

Shelsley’s Classic Nostalgia weekend is a highlight in the UK’s motorsport calendar with the very best racing cars, vintage specials, garden party atmosphere and track action with Rally cars and cars from all eras. A relaxed meeting with lots going on away from the track too.

Joining Simon and Aliye from Cadilac Plastic were representatives from:

Evans Graphics – Specialists in both digital and bespoke screen print solutions.

Holbourne Industrial Plastics - One of the UK’s leading suppliers of engineering plastics, electrical insulation and flexible gasket sealing products.

Mockridge Labels and Nameplates - One of the longest established and most reliable manufacturers of product identification in the United Kingdom.

MTM - Manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke plastic printed labels and nameplates, graphic overlays and printed panels for illumination.

Vestguard – suppliers of the very best in British manufactured ballistic systems for personal and vehicle protection for use by civilian, corporate, government and military sectors.

Despite the inclement weather, everyone that attended had a wonderful day with good food, pleasant company, music and plenty of racing.

Pictures of the day are below.

Once again, it was great to see customers and friends out at an event with us, and we look forward to future events.  Don’t worry if you missed out, there are more events we will be attending later in the year.

Find Out About the Other Events visit the Shelsley Walsh website.

CHAMPIONSHIP CHALLENGE (British Hillclimb Championship Round)

A great weekend of non-stop action with an Inter Club meeting taking place.  This is the last Shelsley Walsh meeting of the British Championship, so expect some of the fastest times yet. Held on:  12th August 2023

MEMBERS DAY (Late Season)

The Members’ Day is a great opportunity to experience the hill in a relaxed, controlled, and fun atmosphere.  You drive your own road-legal car up the famous Shelsley Walsh track, during a day full of non-competitive runs. Any road-legal cars can participate, from classic sports cars to modern day saloons.  Held on:  29th September 2023 *This is a very popular event so register your interest early.

Thank you to the many customers who responded to our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We wanted to share your feedback on our performance.

100% of our customers stated they were extremely likely to purchase our products/use our services again.  This is demonstrated in our strong, loyal customer base with many customers working with Cadillac Plastic for years, even decades. 

94.4% of our customers said they would recommend our products/services to others.  We continue to get new business through referrals and recommendations on a regular basis.

We scored an average of 9.4/10 overall for our customer service.  We received extremely positive feedback about our sales team being polite, efficient and helpful.  Comments included how knowledgeable our team is, as well as demonstrating excellent communication and quick responses. 

Cadillac Plastic is very proud of our team’s ability to understand and meet our Customer’s business needs in a professional, friendly manner – we know our Customers appreciate it too!

Sales Team (From left to right): Aliye, Liz, Howard

We scored highly across the board for our quality, lead time etc. with customers noting that we provide a wide range of high quality products and excellent lead times.  We are always looking for new, innovative solutions and alternative materials to provide the best solutions for our customers.

We also received a number of positive testimonials from our customers during the latest survey: click the link to read more.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Cadillac Plastic Team.