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Cadillac Plastic Ltd. is pleased to announce its appointment as exclusive converter and distributor for the Autotex®and Autoflex® hardcoated Industrial Films from MacDermid Autotype, within the UK and Eire. 

Products will be available from Cadillac Plastic from the 11th April 2022.

Cadillac Plastic is a leading supplier of high-performance plastic films and filmic adhesives to a range of industry sectors.  Adding the market leading range of Autotex® and Autoflex® films to its portfolio will give customers access to Cadillac Plastic’s comprehensive in-house conversion facilities, which can cater for individual sheeting and slitting requirements at no extra cost.  Cadillac Plastic also offer bespoke product solutions including die cutting and laminating within its capabilities.

Cadillac Plastic's philosophy is based upon adding value by providing conversion, delivery and technical support services which are second to none.  It leads the way in providing specialist knowledge, gained from over 40 years representing leading manufacturers, ensuring the most technologically advanced and appropriate solutions.

Cadillac Plastic supplies to customers in a wide range of industry sectors which include Automotive and Transport, Aerospace, Defence, Engineering and Medical to name a few.

Simon Jones, General Manager of Cadillac Plastic, added:

“Cadillac Plastic already serve many of MacDermid Enthone’s customers, so they know us well.  We offer high levels of service and provide ‘tailor made’ sizes and quantities by converting all our requirements from master rolls.  Having master roll stocks of Autotex® and Autoflex® will allow us to extend our service to MacDermid Enthone's products.  I firmly believe this partnership between our two Companies will give customers more choice and accessibility to market leading products.  Cadillac Plastic is proud to add MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions to other key suppliers which include 3M, Sabic and DuPont, making it a ‘one-stop’ solution for many customers”.

Please contact our Internal Sales Team on 01793 648500 or for more details.

Simon Jones, General Manager at Cadillac Plastic, told an interesting story the other day.  He and his wife were given a microwave as an engagement gift way back in 1986.  This particular model had a ‘state of the art’ LED display and membrane switch panel!

For the past 36 years the microwave has been used daily, from warming up baby food for little ones, until today, where it is used to cook porridge for breakfast every morning.

Some parts are looking aged and a little bit worn, but the white membrane switch panel is still pristine, just as it was when it was pulled out of the box decades ago.   

This got us thinking: Does anyone know of a membrane switch panel that is older, in daily use and still as good as new?  Who can claim the oldest switch panel? 

Let us know, we look forward to hearing from you!

Email us at: to share your stories.

Cadillac Plastic has been featured in the specialist magazine - Inside Industry (Dec21/Jan22 issue). Inside Industry is recognised as one of the leading global business to business publications and Cadillac Plastic is proud to be featured in it's latest publication. We would like to thank Inside Industry for the well presented double page spread. Our thanks also go to Sabic and TC Transcontinental for their continued support.

Check out the article below.

Companies are returning to varying degrees of normality. We are no exception here at Cadillac Plastic. For us, our interim ISO audit was due, with processes and procedures to be inspected by our certifying body.

Cadillac Plastic currently holds three ISO certificates:

Covid restrictions had seen the temporary suspension of visiting auditors who check the documentation and conduct interviews with staff. In fact, our full re-certification in January 2021 was completed entirely remotely using video meetings and conference calls.

Our Interim ISO Audit

This year, we had initially planned for an in-person audit, welcoming back live auditors to the office. However, remote auditing is still in operation and, in late September, we supplied the auditors with the procedures files and prepared for an intensive 2 day series of meetings to cover all business areas.

Some of you may have called to speak to the accounts team during this period. We thank you for your patience during this time. 

The audits covered all aspects of business from Training and First Aid through to, Collections, Deliveries and Waste Management. We even used video calling to allow the auditor to “Walk-through” the office and warehouse space. This allowed them to see the flow of information and interaction from customer to order to dispatch and invoicing.

We are pleased to report that we have successfully completed the audit retaining our certifications. This was achieved without any non-conformities. You can check our certifications using the SGS Certified Client Directory, which we have linked from the ISO logos on our “About Us” page >>>

If you need copies of our ISO Certificates for your files please speak to your account manager, call the office on 01793 648500, or use the Contact Us page.

On the 24th September the 3rd and final event of our planned customer events took place at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. This was the long awaited Members Day event.

What is a Members Day

The Members’ Day is a great opportunity to experience the hill in a relaxed, controlled and fun atmosphere. Guests are invited to drive their own cars, up the famous Shelsley Walsh track, during a day of non-competitive runs. Any road-legal cars are able to participate, including kit cars and classic sports cars as well as everyday standard saloons.

Who attended with Cadillac

Cadillac General Manager, Simon Jones, took to the hill in his track ready MX5 Turbo. Tony and Liz Burd (RH Technical) brought along a very nice example of a 1975 Dolomite Sprint. Tony has lovingly restored this car over many years and relished the opportunity to blast it up the hill. 

John and Louise Wills (Will Prints) treated us to a 1933 Morgan 3 wheeler. John was able to get the Morgan to lift a wheel on the corners during his runs. However, he usually rides motorbikes and feels more comfortable on 2 wheels than 3.

Other attendees on the day included Alistair Kennedy (Cadillac Director) in his Maserati, and Sam Gothorp (Preservation Equipment) who had intended to bring along his Mercedes AMG. Unfortunately last minute issues prevented it from being available, and so he attended as a passenger.

Also attending as a passenger for the day was motor sport fan James Wright representing 3M, a supplier of adhesive products to Cadillac Plastic.

Some Images from the Event

Each driver had 6 runs on the hill throughout the day and while none of the runs was timed, video suggested the Morgan managed a run of around 58 seconds. John was thrilled to break the 60 second barrier in the oldest car at the event.

You can see the video here - John Wills at Shelsley Walsh, and many thanks to John for uploading it.

There is also a video of Simon in the MX5 completing a run in around 38 seconds.

One again it was great to see customers and friends out at an event with us, and we look forward to future events.

Find Out About the Other Events

Read about our other Shelsley Walsh events on these links:

Shelsley Walsh - The 1st Event - Classic Nostalgia

Shelsley Walsh - The 2nd Event - Autumn Speed Finale


On the 18th September the second of our 3 planned corporate events took place at the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.
Read about our first event here >>>

The Autumn Speed Finale is the final event in the Hill Climb calendar at Shelsley. Organised by The Midland Automobile Club, this event is open to novice and experienced drivers.

With UK time trials in the mix, it promised to be a great day of competitive racing and we were not disappointed.

Guests of Cadillac Plastic

Cadillac guests on the day included representatives from Augustus Martin, Graham Smith, Bob Heath Visors and Rudd Macnamara Ltd.

The weather on the day was again kind and we enjoyed a fine day of racing. Cars included classic Mini Coopers and Morgans to modern Mitsubishi EVO’s and F1 style hill racers.

Spectators were also able to try their luck with an F1 simulator. This allowed them to set track times around a virtual Silverstone. Mike Page of Rudd Macnamara managed to set a decent lap time and remained in the top ten throughout the day, earning him the title of "Driving Legend".

Gallery of Cars and Guests at Shelsley Walsh Autumn Speed Finale

The best time on the hill was by Allan Warburton in his Gould GR59 racing car (1600cc). He managed a stunning 25.62 seconds on his first run and 25.97 seconds on his second run. There is a full list of runners and riders on the Shelsley Walsh website, along with the times and winners. Click Here >>> (scroll to the bottom of the page for the Speed Finale on the 18th Sept)

Many thanks to all our guests. Its was great to see you all out and about and we look forward to more events in the future.

Cadillac Plastic is pleased to announce a new polycarbonate film product available from manufacturer Sabic. This provides features and characteristics not previously available in the Sabic portfolio.

NEW Lexan HP01W – One side Hard Coated and Textured

This polycarbonate film is available to order in thicknesses of 250, 375, 500 and 750 microns. It features a highly polished surface ideal for application of clear and sharp graphics with high light transmission for exceptional clarity.

The second surface offers a hard coated, velvet textured finish, with the benefits of good chemical and abrasion resistance. The velvet texture finish also helps to ensure the product is virtually glare free.

Typically, polycarbonate films have lower UV resistance than alternative materials but the textured side of Lexan HP01W would go to the outside of any application. This provides better protection and UV resistance for any printing made to the inside surface.

This combination of features makes this an ideal product for outdoor graphic applications. From warning labels and info graphics to touch panels and outdoor signage. This film is ideal for use in situations such as petrol stations or on industrial plant, for signage, information panels and equipment keypads.

Produced in the US, samples are now available, and can be ordered via the Cadillac Plastic customer support team.

Please download the product information sheets here:

PDF Download Icon NEW Lexan HP01W


In this post, we highlight some of the reasons behind the recent slew of material price increases and look at some of the things you can do that might help limit their impact.

It will not have escaped your notice that we have recently been experiencing a number of price increases from various suppliers. These have been across a wide range of products.

There are many factors currently affecting prices and most are related to the Covid pandemic. These include raw material shortages, high product demand, reduced shipping capacity, increased delivery costs and even staff shortages leading to reduced production capacity.

These factors have all been covered in the press over the previous weeks, some of which can be found below.

Manufacturers can often absorb some of these costs in the short term, at least partially, but while margins continue to be eroded, it is inevitable that price increases will continue to be introduced.


Our Response

Regretfully, in these uncertain times, it is not always possible to predict or mitigate these increases. At the moment we are certainly not dealing with 'annual' or 'inflationary' type increases. If we were, there would be perhaps more room to challenge internal manufacturing costs and efficiencies. Nevertheless, Cadillac Plastic will continue to work with its supplier partners to minimise and delay price increases.

It is also Cadillac Plastic policy to to give advanced notice of price increases to any affected customers, by letter or email. We will continue to give a 30 day notice period of any increases, even where our own prices increase immediately.

What we can all do?

Many of these factors are outside our control, but there are practical steps we can all take to help the situation. Here are our top 5 tips that may help to manage and reduce the impact of price increases and material availability.

1: Plan ahead

Plan ahead

Some of our largest customers plan deliveries up to a year in advance, and while not everyone is able to do this, we recommend that you talk to key customers about extended lead times and demand forecasts. Whilst we pride ourselves on excellent service and short delivery times, we are always happy to work to scheduled deliveries ahead of time.

2: Understand Future Demand

Looking ahead

Understanding and anticipating future demand increases gives confidence to hold working stock of key items. After all, you cannot sell what you don’t have. Increasing your stock holdings and anticipating demand, means you are better placed to manage longer lead times from suppliers.

3: Minimise Wastage

Waste Material

Cadillac Plastic converts many products from master rolls and supplies custom sizes, reducing waste and generating cost savings. We do not charge for this service. Check the sizes you are buying. If you are ordering standard sheet sizes, you may be wasting more than you need to. Speak to us for advice on material yield and wastage. We will check to ensure you are getting the best yield possible for your requirements.

4: Alternative Materials


We hold stock of hundreds of types of material, from some of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers. Materials are available in a wide range of thicknesses, finishes and material properties. There may be an alternative product available, perhaps better suited to your application. Alternatives may also provide reduced lead times or increase cost savings.

5: Speak to Us


We are real people at Cadillac, and our knowledgeable Internal Sales Team are always happy to discuss your requirements. Remember, we are experts in all types of filmic and adhesive materials and will recommend the most suitable materials. We work closely with our suppliers and material manufacturers to provide information and insight about products that would best suit your application.

What Happens if Material Prices Fall?

Finally, we hope and expect that some of the factors leading to price increases will eventually relax and prices will start to come down. It is Cadillac Plastic policy to pass on price reductions in the same way, so as a customer, you can be assured of fair pricing combined with our trademark excellent service.


On July 17th, Cadillac Plastic invited guests to attend our first corporate event for about 18 Months. If you know Cadillac Plastic well, you may know that Alistair Kennedy, Managing Director, has an interest in classic cars.

What you may not know is that Simon Jones, our (relatively) new General Manager, is also a ‘petrolhead’.  He competes at hill climb and sprint events, including Shelsley Walsh.

Simon Jones taking his Westfield through the "S's" at Shelsley Walsh

It may not come as much of a surprise then that as more events are going ahead, this first event was a car related one.

The Oldest Racing Venue in the World!

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb is credited as THE oldest motor racing venue in the UK and even the world. It is still staged on the original course were it was first held in 1905.

The event we visited was a Classic Nostalgia Day, with all kinds of cars from the 40’s to the 90’s in attendance. Many of the owners and visitors had dressed in period appropriate clothing, giving the day a festival atmosphere.

Being an outside event, there were not too many restrictions on the day. Racing fans and car enthusiasts could look around the cars and speak with teams in the paddock. Masks had to be worn in this area however.

Cadillac Plastic and 3M had invited several customers.  All guests were able to access the paddock area to view the cars. Guests also had access to Members-only viewing and refreshment areas, placed at strategic points around the site.

A Simple 1000 Yard Course

The venue itself is deep in the Worcestershire countryside, with the track a little under a kilometre in length (or 1000 yards in old money). Competitors must simply drive up the track (12 feet wide) from the start to the finish, in the shortest possible time. With a vertical rise of 100 meters (328 feet), and an average gradient of 1:9.14 (max gradient 1:6.24) that’s no mean feat in a ‘classic’. However many of the drivers will do this at speeds approaching 100mph.

The on-track action started around 9am and 3 wheelers and classic minis tackled the hill one after the other. Other classes included old Formula 5000 cars and even classic WRC rally cars from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

The weather was on our side, and ensured plenty of visitors were happy to be at an outside event. Most were happy to sit and watch the action from the viewing areas around the top and bottom “S” bends. These viewing areas benefited from shade provided by the tall trees as temperatures hit the low thirties in the open.

Invited Guests of Cadillac and 3M

We were able to meet up with all of the Cadillac Plastic and 3M guests for a chat throughout the day and would like to thank HOLBOURNE INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS, TT ELECTRONICS, and PTM DESIGN for attending with us.

We hope to make a return trip to Shelsley Walsh later this year and still have a few spaces available for the two events planned for September (Autumn finale and Members day).

If you would like to attend one of these event with us, please drop us a line.

Some of you may know that Liz Laird, here in the Cadillac office, spends a lot of her free time running, swimming and cycling. What you might not know is that Liz is a bit of a human dynamo, and this weekend (16th July) completed her 100th Half Marathon.

Yes you did read that correctly, 100th!

Liz who runs with Chippenham Harriers, did her first half in Bristol in September 2004, and since then has done 87 more in the UK and 12 in Europe.  She has also completed over 70 full marathons or Ultra marathons (typically 30 miles or more). In her time, Liz has also raised money for charities including Dorothy House Hospice, The Institute for Cancer Research and Research into Fibromyalgia

The 100th actually took place in Denbies Vinyard in Surrey and had been deferred from 2020 due to the pandemic. It turned out that this was the hottest weekend this year (up to 31C)and the hottest of the 100 Liz has done, so she was happy with a 2hr 38min time.

On the day, Liz was presented with a “100 Club shirt” for her efforts and a medal so large I’m sure most of us would not be able to carry it, particularly after a half marathon.

She is not taking any time to rest however as this weekend she is continuing with half marathon number 101. This is part the Castle to Coast Event, which involves Swimming, Cycling and Running, from Windsor Castle, to the coast, finishing in Brighton. Find out more here -

Good luck Liz, we will be cheering you along.