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Release Liner from Cadillac Plastic

A release liner is typically sold with adhesive products, and is normally included when you purchase sheets of material. This is to aid product handling and general use. However, it is also available as a product that can be purchased independently.

Lets take a closer look at what it is and how you can use it.

What is a Release Liner?

Cadco White Release Liner

This is simply a protective sheet applied during the manufacture of adhesives, or adhesive coated films. It protects the adhesive, keeping it clean and preventing it from adhering to anything, until the user is ready to apply it.

Release liner is usually made from paper coated with a low surface energy agent, such as silicone, on one or both sides. This allows the liner to be easily removed from any type of sticky material, exposing the adhesive before the part is applied.

Why Use a Separate Release Liner?

Die Cut Release Liner on complex fascia panels

Ready made adhesive tapes and sheets will often include branded liners, but a separate unbranded liner can be used in a variety of ways.

An independent liner, can be easily cut into custom sized sheets or rolls for use in the manufacture of products and sub assemblies.

Easy to die cut, release liners allow for complex shapes to be created. A touch panel fascia requiring complex cut outs and push button apertures may only have adhesive printed to certain areas. Die-cut liners are used to protect the adhesive until the panel is ready to be assembled.

Full sheets can also be used to cover the entire panel providing additional protection for electrical connections, before assembly.

Does Cadillac Have its Own Release Liners?

Cadillac Plastic supplies Cadco Release Liner under the Cadco brand in 120gsm.

In addition, Cadillac Plastic supplies a wide range of adhesive coated materials from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Nitto, Avery and Flexcon. These products will already have a single or double layer of release liner for easy handling and ease of use.

PDF Download Icon Cadco Release Liner 120gsm

Cadco Release Liner is available in rolls or as custom sized sheet material.

Use with Screen Printable Adhesives

A separate release liner is particularly useful when used in conjunction with screen printable adhesives

Rather than die cut an adhesive sheet, it can be more cost effective to “print” a layer of liquid adhesive. A simple liner can then be applied to protect adhesive printed in these areas. A custom sized sheet could also be applied across the whole panel. This not only simplifies production, but also reduces cost and waste.

Die Die Cut Release Liner on a complex fascia panel

Product Branding

Finally, with many adhesive tapes and sheets, you will often see the manufacturers branding for the adhesive on the liner itself. This is handy if you need to know what the adhesive is.

The rear of the Cadco liner is a white printable surface allowing part references and branding to be added. This may include information on the part itself or its date of manufacture. This can in turn help with stock control and part identification.

Examples of branded release liner printed on our laser printer

If you would like to find out more about Cadco Release Liner and request samples, please use the Contact Us page.