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High Performance Films

Cadillac Plastic is at the forefront in introducing new materials and solutions to a wide range of potential applications across industry. The Cadillac high performance films portfolio includes both high temperature, UL94 V-O and VTM-O, giving a comprehensive range of options to the engineer and designer:

  • Ultem™ PEI film for high-temperature applications, including insulation, flexible circuitry, flat cables and labels.
  • Valox™ PBT and Lexan FR™ polycarbonate for flame-retardant electrical insulation.
  • Victrex™ PEEK film for helicopter rotor blades, aircraft interiors, transformer insulation, and gaskets.
  • Radel™ PES films for radomes, liquid crystal displays, and insulation.
  • SKC Kolon PI film for high temperature insulation and labels
  • Kynar™ PVDF film for filters, diaphragms, chemical resistant linings, release films, and piezoelectric films.
  • Halar™ ECTFE for solar collector panels, cable and fibre optic wrap, release films, filters, and diaphragms.
  • Udel™ PSU (PSO) for flexible circuits, thermoformed food trays, adhesive film and high temperature labels.
  • TPX™ PMP film for ceramic slurry carrier film, speaker cones, release films and gas separating membranes.
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