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LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film is a high quality, tough, stable and heat-resistant material ideally suited to a number of graphic and industrial applications.

Graphics grades are available with a range of textured, polished or hard coated surfaces and are characterised by high clarity and ease of printing and processing. Making LEXAN™ the ideal material for reverse printed graphics. Special low stress T2F grades enable precise registration between print and forming in IMD applications.

MARTEC HP™ hard-coated LEXAN™ films provide enhanced surface hardness and chemical resistance. Available in a number of options including matt, anti-glare, gloss, anti-fog and weatherable finishes.

Optical quality LEXAN™ films are produced to the most stringent optical and surface specifications. They can be combined with T2F low-stress properties and with the HP gloss hard-coat finish.

Flame retardant LEXAN™ films rated to UL94V-0 have found applications across a range of industries. Clear grades are used in specialist graphics applications such as mass-transit décor and aerospace signage. While opaque grades are used as electrical insulators and barriers. Variants with high fold tolerance are available for folded insulators.

LEXAN™ lighting diffuser films are used throughout the lighting industry, especially in the more demanding applications where compliance with the 850 Hot Wire Test is required.

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film

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