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Polyester Films

Polyester films are characterised by high temperature and chemical resistance, stability, and superior mechanical strength. The range includes grades suitable for graphic arts, printing, electrical insulation, packaging, stationery, archival storage and release films. They can be used for a broad range of diverse applications from windsurfer sails to fingerprinting kits, and from dart flights to automotive wing mirror heaters.

Films range from bright white to optically clear to black. They are available with surface treatments and coatings to enhance adhesion of inks and coatings. This also improve handling, increase resistance to abrasion and scuffing, dissipate static charges or provide a heat sealable surface. Cadillac Plastic represents and sources film from a number of industry leading manufacturers: Melinex™ and Mylar™ from Du Pont Teijin Films; Lumiror from Toray; reflex™ from Coveris™; Autostat from MacDermid Autotype as well as Cadco, our own brand offering many of the properties of the major brands at more economical prices.

Melinex™ clear printable Polyester film are widely used for sub-surface screen printed nameplates and labels, and for offset printed overlays, inserts and graphics. Melinex ST™ and Kemafoil™ heat-stabilised grades with very low residual shrinkage allow high temperature curing of conductive inks for membrane switches, filmic heaters, biomedical test strips, and RFID devices.

Cadfoil AS™ polyester has a permanent anti-static coating on both sides which makes it the ideal choice for montage foils, and certain image transfer, print and packaging applications.

Melinex™ and Mylar™ electrical insulation films are widely used in cables, motors, transformers and other electrical equipment.

reflex™ hard-coated polyester films provide greatly enhanced surface hardness, chemical resistance, and flex life. They are embossable and are easily printed and processed. reflex is produced in both gloss and textured finishes and is ideal for membrane switch overlays and reverse printed graphics.

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